I have been a patient of Dr. Rafael Jimenez over the last 12 years. I ended up at Dr. Jimenez's office by pure luck approximately a month and half after the birth of my second child.  I was very blessed and fortunate to have been given the opportunity to have been provided treatment and care by Dr. Jimenez.  Dr. Jimenez was able to diagnose my particular rare condition, within minutes of my first visit.  I have always said that I am alive today because God worked through Dr. Jimenez, via his knowledge and expertise.  He was able to diagnose and treat my heart condition, precisely when time was of the essence and my health was in jeopardy.  Thank you, Dr. Rafael Jimenez for many years of superior care and service to "my precious heart".

Mabel Fuentes

I have been a patient of Dr. Jimenez's for nearly 20 years.  Not only does Dr. Jimenez manage my heart problems but he has also seen that my other health issues have been referred to the proper specialist.  We moved to the Gainesville area I still make the trip to Kissimmee to see Dr. Jimenez because I value the care he has given me. The staff working with the doctor has helped me greatly with all my medical needs as well.  I would recommend his practice to anyone.

Donald Greene

You are all are so good and care so much about me that is my pleasure to do this. 


Dr. Jimenez es un excelente cardiólogo y siempre ha estado disponible para atenderme.  Yo no lo conseguí el me consigió a mi como su paciente cuendo en el 2008 fué parte del equipo de doctores que me salvaron la vida despues de haber sufrido un repentino ataque al corazón que resultó en una cirugía de corazón abierto.  Siempe le estaré eternamente agradecida.

Dr. Jimenez is an excellent cardiologist and is always available to see me and take care of my needs. I did not choose him.  He chose me as his patient when 2008, he was part of the team of doctors that saved my life after suffering a heart failure and ended us having a double bypass.  I will be eternally grateful.

Sandra Esparra

Conocí al Dr. Jimenez el 16 de junio de 1991, porque estuvo presente en una operación que me realizaron ese día.  Desde entonces he sido su paciente. El Dr. Jimenez es una persona integra, gran profesional, amigable, servicial y más allá de lo profesional, hemos creado una muy buen amistad. Dios lo continue bendiciendo en gran manera.

Francisco Perez



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